What is financial planning advice?

When thinking about financial planning … seek ADVICE FIRST.

We have been solving financial puzzles and providing quality financial advice since 1980, so to us it is second nature … but we completely understand that it may be new to you! Your own financial advice needs will be subtly different to others that we deal with, making the solutions slightly different. Whilst the outcomes may vary with every client, the methodology and processes are usually the same:

  • An initial consultation which allows us to find out about each other.
  • After mutually deciding to work together, we will then collect all the facts and information we need from you (called a ‘fact find’ or ‘data collection’).
  • We will help you to identify your goals and objectives – these will form the foundation of everything that we do for you. It is important that we understand your current financial position, and particularly important to build a picture of your desired financial position.
  • All of the information and conversations are then utilised to develop a written recommendation, called a ‘financial plan’ or ‘statement of advice’. We will discuss the recommendations with you and make sure you are comfortable and understand them.
  • We will implement the agreed recommendations.
  • We will periodically help you review your objectives, financial situation and needs.

Financial advice helps you plan and manage your financial position. Our role is to ensure that goals and objectives become a reality. Whatever your situation, there are several key building blocks that we can use, in combination, to help make the most of your financial situation.


“Before doing anything about your financial planning … seek ADVICE FIRST, by contacting us today

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