Us & AMP

You will notice that we are “accredited by AMP Financial Planning”. Our relationship with AMP dates back to 1980 and is something we are immensely proud of, but it is also something that often needs explaining. Many clients are initially confused about what this relationship means…but when they understand how it works, they invariably see it as a positive and appreciate the added peace of mind. You should read our Financial Services and Credit Guide to fully understand the technicalities of our licensing, but here are some key aspects to note:

  • Advice First is a privately owned company, owned by people that work in the business
  • AMP do not own Advice First and they do not employ any of our staff
  • AMP are our licensee, which simply means that we operate under their Australian Financial Services Licence. We pay AMP a fee to operate under their licence. We could quite easily set up our own licence, but we choose to operate under the AMP licence for a number of reasons:
    • Firstly, and most importantly for you, AMP “back our advice”. That’s right, they literally stand behind what we say and do…providing extra peace of mind to you…something that a self-licensed adviser simply can’t offer
    • AMP are the largest financial adviser licensee in Australia, meaning more advisers choose AMP than any other licensee
    • The operating efficiencies, technical education and back office support that we receive is a direct benefit to our clients

Let's Chat

Your privacy is important to us and AMP Financial Planning which is part of AMP. You may request access to your personal information at any time by calling us or contacting AMP on 1300 157 173. Information collected will be subject to AMP's Privacy Policy. You can also contact us or AMP if you do not wish to receive information about products, services or offers available from us or AMP from time to time..

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