Why deal with us

We are proud to say that our only source of new clients is through personal referral. We are one of the few in the industry that do not pay “referral fees” to anyone that sends us clients. It should be comforting to know that people only refer to Advice First because they have trust and confidence in the work we do.

Key reasons why you may want to deal with us:

  • You receive personalised advice, not a one size fits all pre-determined outcome
  • You get service and education, in preference to products and sales.
  • You deal with a team of specialist advisers, rather than a general practitioner
  • You hear simple solutions, instead of technical jargon
  • You end up with financial peace of mind, not just a financial plan

One of the great strengths of our firm, and one of the reasons we glide through market cycles, is our strategic decision to cultivate a diverse clientele – demographically and geographically. In selecting our clients, we certainly don’t discriminate on age, gender or wealth. We are often asked, “what is your ideal client”…to which our answer is simple:

Our ideal (or target) client is anyone that:

  1. We enjoy dealing with
  2. Respects our advice
  3. Pays our fee

As a result of the above client selection philosophy, our clients are:

  • Spread right across Australia…city to country
  • All ages…young to elderly
  • Any occupation…from top floor board rooms to manufacturing floor lunch rooms
  • Various stages of wealth…borrowers and savers to sophisticated high net worth investors
  • Personal and Corporate…from individuals to multinational corporates employing thousands

Let's Chat

Your privacy is important to us and AMP Financial Planning which is part of AMP. You may request access to your personal information at any time by calling us or contacting AMP on 1300 157 173. Information collected will be subject to AMP's Privacy Policy. You can also contact us or AMP if you do not wish to receive information about products, services or offers available from us or AMP from time to time..

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